The safest way to join & manage Ajo

Alajo club is giving financial freedom to millions of Nigerians by giving them a trusted way to save confidently, while providing insurance cover to underserved/underbanked.

What we offer

Join Ajo

Y can create an account or approach a POS agent to create one for you. You will be giving an account number on the spot and you can start making contributions to your account.

Create Ajo

Anybody with our approved POS device/bank account can create Ajo in a few minutes and start managing contributions. You can also earn money managing as many Ajo as you can.

Manage Ajo

Every contributions club member can easily make contributions and receive payout. Our system also allows Ajo coordinator to easily manage their Ajo operations on their phone.

Why Us Alajo Club

Step 1 :

Register and Join

You can create an Ajo in a few minutes and start enrolling memebers to your club. Our system create a bankable account number for them and they can request for ATM cards to operatve the account.

Step 2 :

Make Contribution

Your club memebers can pay you with cash, bank transfer or easiy use our approved POS terminals to make contributions. They can even pay through another POS agent incase you are not available

Step 3 :

Collect Contributions

All contributions are held in trust by our partner bank and Ajo payout is automatically disbursed in rotation to all member either through voting or based on Ajo coordinators directions.

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